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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December likes you.

Even though he only manages to cross paths with you for a brief moment, only after much chaos in a full year, you're always on his mind.  Though it may seem as if December made no effort to keep in touch sometimes, you can rest assured that he will always show up at the exact time he promised.  It's just not his fashion to break promises.  You may also think December isn't all that important.  After all, it's just a month of festivals and celebrations.  You think people only enjoy and celebrate when they have free time - extra time - that they have no idea how to spend.  You think busy people don't celebrate, they have their own lives to live.  You think you'd like to become one of the busy people, they seem more grown up.

December doesn't agree with you; for he exists, exclusively for you.

He knows exactly when you need a break from the year, and that's when he always steps in, just in time, like a safety net, ready to embrace your fall.  December says this is where you recharge and refuel, and he doesn't leave you to do that alone.  Sometimes, he even does it for you.

Then, when it is time to go, December is not afraid, he sends you off with many wishes, knowing that another year of adventure awaits.  He knows you will flourish as you walk from January to November.  He knows you will return to eagerly exchange many stories when you meet again.  He is just as excited as you are, and when you're gone, he will miss you more than you imagine.

I think it is the most gentle act of love when December throws a private party on New Year's Eve for you, where both of you sit down in each other's company and do nothing in particular, enjoying a mere form of co-existing.  For as they say, true intimacy lies in the art of doing nothing at all with the people who matter.  And silence amplifies the beating of hearts in moments such as these.

Some would tell you not to be too sad as you count down to farewell,
but only you know you are giving thanks for the good year well spent, together and apart.