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Saturday, May 4, 2013

I just had to make a picture post to share with you what we did last night for our King Lear Dramatisation.  :D
King Lear is a drama written by Shakespeare during the Elizabethan Era when Queen Elizabeth I reigned. You can click here to read a synopsis of the drama. We're doing this dramatization for our English Studies class as part of our assignment.  We did not do the whole drama, but chose some scenes to put together as our own adaptation.

Personally, I enjoyed the preparation and performance very much and our lecturers enjoyed our show too.  Can't put in words my joy and satisfaction of putting up a drama together as a team like this, it's my first time being so involved in a drama.  Hmm, am not going to post all the pics here, just a few sneak pics for you.

Preperation:  This was the first time we tried putting up our backdrop, it's really huge!  The dead tree next to it is twice my height!
We were trying to create a scene in the storm out in a heath.
This effect worked really well with the lighting on the actual day.

Preperation:  The French Camp scene backdrop.
There was also a map we drew, but I didn't take a good enough picture for it.  ><

Just before showtime:
This is Princess Cordelia from Team B.  Lovely dress, no?

Cordelia with her father, King Lear.
The old king gone mad after banishing his favourite daughter and being banished by his own two daughters who took his kingdom.
Our Cordelia really cried in the last scene of our dramatisation where she was reunited with her father.  :')

Our director, Cordelia and Kent.

The servant from Team A, my favourite picture of the day.

Myself, servant from Team B, trying to dress like a  British man back then.

The Fool from Team B.  The Fool's job is to entertain, comfort and advise the King.
The Fool is the greatest irony of the drama King Lear because he is actually very wise and not foolish at all in the play.
I'm very happy with this picture, I think this is the happiest picture I ever get of her,
she seldom smiles so widely like this.  :)

Poor Tom O'Bedlams from Teams A and B.
Poor Tom is the son of an Earl, a high class gentleman who disguised himself as a beggar when his father sought his death.
Who's more beggar-ish?  :P

Team A after the performance

Our team, Team B after the performance