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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Updates on my first 25% of 2013 as promised.  :)  Have been busy with this and that, but I haven't forgotten about my other world here.

Am now in the second semester of my pre-university programme, it's busier than I imagined.  Honestly speaking, I always thought the teaching profession isn't really a profession that focuses on academic performance, I always thought that experience was the key and that the years in uni were just to widen our knowledge, not really to test our knowledge.

The semester started off well in January, We did a play, Florence; and after that we did a drama.  I was excited to do the drama King Lear by Shakespeare.  It was tough to understand the language, 'cause we weren't exposed to old English before.  But it started to get fun when we slowly got the idea how how the language worked itself out.  I really like studying literature, is that odd?

Going into February, I flew two flights back home for Chinese New Year.  Ahh, Chinese New Year, got to meet my old friends and my favourite teacher!  :D  For the first time in many many many years, I got myself two dresses to wear for new year.  I am not used to wearing dresses, and people are all the more not used to seeing me in dresses.  Anyways, it was okay in the end.  Learnt that when I slowly felt comfortable with myself in dresses, and when that happens, people feel comfortable with seeing me in them too.  :)

March was the busiest month of all.  We had sports day. And it was assignment month.  My worst habit of procrastinating caused me headaches when I had some eight assignments to do at one go.  (I have ten subjects this semester, and none of them are extras/electives.  I blame our education system, we don't get to choose what subjects we want to take here because we're under government sponsorship.)    We also had a mock exam.  Thank God all that is almost over for now.  -lets out deep breath-

I went to two book fairs in March, both with huge sales up to 90% discount!  Got more than a few books to savour. ♥  I finished two already, they are the first two books I read this year.  (hides face in shame, only 2 books in 3 months!)

I recommend "Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend" by Matthew Green.
It's written from the perspective of an imaginary friend, Budo.  His human friend, Max is autistic and they have been together for five years.  The book is in very simple English, like a child's because Max did not imagine Budo as a grown up.  I like reading stories about imaginary friends, they're pretty cool.  Do you have have anything to recommend for me?

Now reading:  The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult.
I just started the book, the first few chapters were good for me.  :)
But again, Jodi Picoult is almost always good for me, I dream to write like her someday.

Now, how about you?  How was your year so far?
Keep me updated too!  I want to hear your stories, or read them, leave me a hug!

Thank you for reading till the end, might be a lil' bit boring though I tried to avoid that.
To make it up, I shall post a short children's story next, perhaps?