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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I say I'm okay with letting go, but actually, not so.
So here I am, sharing a song with you guys again, another Mandarin song, 我最親愛的 My Dearest, by 張惠妹 A Mei.
(I hope non-mandarin readers won't find my constant Chinese posts too annoying.)
English translations are below, not direct translations, but something like a personal understanding of the song that I tried to express in English.
To listen to this song on Youtube, here's the link.  I hope you'll like it.

我想你一定喜欢 现在的我学会了你最爱的开朗 
想起你的模样 有什么错 还不能够被原谅 
世界不管怎样荒凉 爱过你就不怕孤单 

我最亲爱的 你过的怎么样 
没我的日子 你别来无恙 
依然亲爱的 我没让你失望 
让我亲一亲 像朋友一样 

虽然离开了你的时间 比一起还漫长 我们总能补偿 
因为中间空白的时光 如果还能分享 也是一种浪漫 
关系虽然不再一样 关心却怎么能说断就断 

English translations:
I'm sure you'll be happy to know, I have now learnt to do what you like most about me: smile beautiful smiles.
When I think of you, I think, what wrong have we done that couldn't be forgiven?
The world could be empty, but I'm not afraid to be lonely, because once upon a time, I was in love with you.

My dearest, how are you?  These days without me, is everything fine?  
My dear, I've not let you down.  Give me a kiss, just like old friends.

Though the days we spent without each other, are more than those spent together,
we'll fill those blanks in between, sharing our stories with each other.  Isn't that romantic too?
Our friendship now differs from what we could have had before,
but my love and care, how is it possible that they stop just like that?

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