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Saturday, January 12, 2013

How many of you remember this?  "And then I'd Smile"
When I told him he's one in a million, I meant to say he's special, he's different from all the other people I know.  When he jokingly got mad at only being one in a million and told me I'm one in 6.7 billion, I thought he meant I was one and only.  It was one of the sweetest things anyone ever told me, and I genuinely believed I could be his one in 6.7 billion.

Now, 0.4 billion people later, I find out it only meant that he was probably feeling poetic that morning.

If you have been following my posts, you'd know there's this friend-crush guy I've been crazy about for years.  Recently, we talked things out a bit and it turns out that he wasn't having mutual feelings for me.  I didn't have a good time accepting the fact at first, 'cause I seriously thought we'd have a chance together.  I couldn't be sure there'll be another guy I'd like as much as I liked him.  I don't think another guy will understand me the way I think he does, accept my broken self the way he does, and build me up when I was torn like he built me up from scratch.  I don't think I could love another person as innocently and unselfishly as I loved him.  No adult relationship can have such pure love as compared to a childhood crush that grew and developed over a period of about ten years, could it?  But now I'm starting to let this sink in.  How lucky am I to have friendship that's so golden?  A friend that has been there and will be there throughout the happy and sad times, isn't that lucky enough?  How could I even complain when there's absolutely everything to be grateful of?

The little girl couldn't stop crying.
"My teddy's lost at the railway station,
it didn't come home with me,
how will I sleep tonight?
The monsters will come and bite!"

Hush, my girl,
if you'll just lift your head, 
you'll see Papa painted angels in the clouds
above you up in the sky,
they'll take care of you."

Papa patted her to sleep 
and planted a kiss on her forehead,
no one can hurt her now.

I'm like the girl who lost her only favourite teddy, feeling scared and lonely.  But my Father in heaven knows what He's doing, He sends his angels to be with me, till one day, He'll give me a new teddy that'll I've love even more. Or maybe it could be a new book, or race car? I have no idea, but I'm sure it'll be the best.  I don't understand why some things happen sometimes, but I am learning to trust Him fully.

Dear Readers, I'll make it a point to update and post more often now.
Thank you for still visiting all this time when I was inactive on Blogger.  :')

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