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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here's a quick update for those who have been asking bout where and when I'll be continuing my studies, a thank you note for caring enough to ask. :)

"Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions."

I got accepted into teaching college in Penang, teaching English as a second language in Chinese medium schools, and registration is in two weeks time. It'll be a busy busy week ahead, too many things to do in too little time! Flight rickets to be settled, quite a bit of shopping and packing, a medical checkup, documents to be certified, and a driving test to pass. It's all gonna be a rushhhh, and I'm especially worried bout the driving test, 'cause gosh, I am not a talented driver at all!  But hmm, I'll just pray that I'll be more talented at teaching than driving then. :)

Having mixed feelings now actually. Happy to have a chance to leave home and maybe really learn to grow up, yet unwilling to leave behind people I love and people who love me. Especially my grandparents, they're so old now, I wish I can spend more time with them. I'm closer to them than to my parents, as both my parents work, the old folks were the ones who watched me grow up. They live right next door, I see them every single day.

My grandmother, my Ah-Ma, being eighty-four and uneducated, doesn't really understand when I explain to her things considering further studies. Her biggest wish is that I stay to study in the nearest uni in town, conveniently nearest to her. She is happy for me, now that I'm finally getting an idea of what I'm doing next, but I can tell she would really truly wish I need not leave her.

 I wish I need not leave her too.