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Friday, May 25, 2012

With globalization going on in our world, people have learnt to chase after what they want, even if it means leaving home.  My country, Malaysia, is starting to face problems because of this. Our youngsters pack up and run, when they realize there is more to offer in the outside world. Many of my friends are studying outside our country now, and many of them do not plan to come back. What will happen to our home, if excellent youngsters who are supposed to be future country builders, roam around the world, building other people's countries?

Here is a song I just discovered today, not a new song anymore, but still a great song.  It's a Chinese song, so scroll down if you need English translations!  :)  你家在哪里 by 阿牛。阿牛 is a great Malaysian singer and composer, forced to leave home to pursue his dreams to be a musician, as the Chinese music industry isn't hot in our place.  He also filmed his own movie, to share with the world the story of his first love.  Well, too bad the relationship wasn't successful.

玩着沙的孩子 你叫什么名字
海边的那个村子 是不是你的家
从城市来到这里 要走一段很长很长的路
我为了要看海水的blue 看白云散步


Eh… 这片海如此美丽 你还要去哪里
蓝蓝的天 蓝蓝的海 对你是不是太过安静
Eh… 如果你真的离去 不管你要到哪里

有人离开以后会回来 有人一去不见踪影
季候风还是会到来 带给沙滩一样的风雨

我只是一个游客 不经意在这里遇见你
我留下来的每一个足迹 海浪会抚平

Where is Your Home? by ANiu
Hey, little child playing with sand on the shore, what's your name? The village by the sea, is that your home?  To come here from the city, I've walked a long long way. I just wanted to see the blue of the sea, walk by the shore and count the clouds in the sky. I heard your Big Brother and Big Sister are all living the the big city.  You blink your clear eyes, and say to me, you wanna leave too, when you grow up.

Heyy, this sea is so beautiful, where else do you wish to go? The blue sea and the blue sky, are they too quiet for you? Heyy, if you really leave, no matter where you go, I wish that when you come back, you'll understand even more how truly beautiful this shade of blue is. Bring this shade of blue with you in your heart.

Some people will return home after some time, some people will leave forever. The monsoon season will still visit our seas, it will give our shores the same rain and wind. I am just a traveler, we met out of the blue. Every footprint I leave on this shore, the waves will gently caress them away.

This is not a perfect translation, there will never be a perfect translation, for each language is unique.  I just wish to share this with people who cannot understand Chinese.

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