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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heyy.. All of you.. :]
It's middle of February already, the new year isn't really that new anymore, is it?
How have you been these two months? Have you been dropping by?
I'm sorry, have been thinking a little too much but writing too little lately..

School is okay, I have decided to give up Accounts to concentrate on Chinese and have proper lessons for it.
I hope this is a right decision.

Umm.. Am sitting beside a new friend in school this year.
I have no idea why, my friends and her don't really get along well.
I feel kinda stuck in between and it isn't a nice feeling.
Sometimes she makes me feel so small and hurt sometimes, I don't like it, but I don't know why I allow that to happen.
So I build a wall, and so I don't really feel a bond between us.
Is this right?

Ahh, and mom's always asking me about this great big future again...

What do you want to do after SPM? You think you can handle Engineering like Sharon?
Do you like Architecture? Do you like Dentistry?
You mentioned you want to teach, are you serious about it? Journalism is kinda risky, you sure you going for it?
Do you want to go on to From6? Perhaps do A-levels like your cousins?
Do you like this? Would you want to study that?

I have no answers for these questions, it's driving me crazy sometimes.
Everyday, every conversation I have with my mom somehow revolves around this.
Dad's acting calm, but I think he worries too.
I'm confused and lost.
I need to have an idea really soon, but how do I do that?

What do you think?
Some people say they see me in my writing, they say I reveal my personality when I write...
Those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time, have you seen me in between the lines? What kind of person am I?
Maybe you have some suggestions on what I should do with myself after SPM? (For non-Malaysians, SPM is kinda like O-levels.)
Leave a comment and tell me?

Hmm.. I haven't been reading a lot lately.
But I do have one good book to recommend, A Perfect Day by Richard Paul Evans.
It's an old book, actually, I came across it in the school library.
The prologue wasn't very catchy (my point of view), but I started crying right after Chapter One.
Look it up in your library? :]

Happy belated Valentines, peeps. You're loved, everyday. Leave me a hug?

p.s. Thank you for reading all this blabber. <3