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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dearest Me,

Okay, I think I'll forgive you for not doing well in this mid-term exam. But only on one condition: You've got to show me your true colours in October. You're not going to flunk the year-end exams again, or I promise I'll never speak to you ever again.

Now, you have a little more than a week off school, and you better make sure you make good use of your time, dearie.. Don't let me down, kays? And remember Ah-ma? She loves you so much, and she wants you to do well in your studies. Don't make her worry, make her proud. :)

Hmm, you should probably do some exercise this holiday, you're putting on weight, aren't you? I know I know, you're lazy.. But you're not gonna allow yourself go obese huh? Cut down on sugar, you're eating too much sweets, I 'm pretty sure that's where all the excess fat came from. And drink more water, really. Sleep early, and sleep well. Don't lie on the bed and read, you'll be blocking the light, and spoling your eyes. God only gave you two eyes to use for your whole entire life, you'll have to treasure them.

Nic, you're sixteen, not six. You've got to learn how to take care of yourself.

I know you have a wonderful temper, right? Just try not to lose it too often. Be patient with your sis, she's the only one you've got. Be nice, smile. And when you have nothing better to say, don't speak. You don't want to regret later 'cause you can't take your words back once they passed through your lips.

Pray for daddy, he needs to know how much Jesus loves him.

You're special, you're one in 6.8 billion. And I love you.

Hugs and kisses,