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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dearest Me,

Hey, slow down there, dearie.. I know you just found a box of chocolates hidden in the fridge, and I know they look awesome in their paper wrapping, and I know they look so tempting. But you don't have to finish them in less than twenty-four hours, do you? And you most certainly don't want to not fit into your uniform when school reopens, right? Now, now.. Listen to me, one chocolate a day, and they'll last you for about two weeks, okay? Self control, remember?

Two weeks passed, just eight more days till you go back to school. What have you done these two weeks? Spending hours doing nothing on Facebook? I mean, I know it's your holiday, but don't you think you should put in some time for school work? You have to admit, you're already kinda behind in your studies. Use this one last week to really catch up. Spend some time with the books, please and I'm not talking bout novels here, you got me? Work hard, don't let me down. I've got such huge dreams for you, and you'll help me make them come true, won't you?

Maybe you should call up somebody sometime or the other. Call them, say hi, just talk. You might be afraid of awkward silences when the topic comes to an end. I know it has been happening more and more often lately in your circle of friends, but you've got to do something about it. You can't just leave it like that and just try to pretend they don't matter anymore. Relationships, sometimes they can be very fragile. I'm sure you know what I mean. They're more than 6.8 billion humans alive and breathing on this Earth this very second, it's a blessing that you have met with people whom you feel safe, comfortable with, whom you call friends. They're like pieces of puzzle put together, you don't want to lose any single piece. Trust me.

And also, I noticed you haven't been writing much these few weeks, or maybe months. Have you forgotten your promise to me? You said you 'll be writing at every possible chance, and you'll do it with your heart. And then, when I turn eighty someday, I'll look back at what you wrote, and I'll be so proud of you. We had a deal, I hope you'll still remember.

One more thing. A-Ma, and A-Kong. They're getting older each day, they won't stay forever, you can't deny that. And you know they love you so much they always get so worried about you. About you not eating properly, about you sleeping late, about you not being able to cope well enough in school, about you having arguments with your family, about everything about you. Sometimes you get fed up to have them nag so much, but you have to always remember, it's all because they love you. They really really do, a lot. Love them back, kays?

Take care, promise? And don't forget to smile.
I love you, so... love me back too? ;D